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Are you looking for a good Real Estate Sales Representative?

Here are some tips....

  • Experience
  • Credentials
  • Current listings
  • Knowledge of area and expertise
  • Talk to past clients
  • Has there been any disciplinary issues

Sales Representative, Cal Idzinski has been a Realtor for over 30 years. his experience is in both Rural, Residential as well as Commercial Real Estate. Carl Idzinski works along side with his partner Realtor Tom Goebel giving access to the United States market. These Realtors together serve the Real Estate market in the Windsor area including: LaSalle, Tecumseh and Essex County. With Windsor's location in such close proximity to the United States, this is an added bonus that most other Realtor's can't offer. Together, Carl and Tom have over 70 years of expertise and knowledge in residential, commercial and farming properties offering you the best information bar none.

The Windsor Market is scorching hot right now so finding the right agent to assist you is essential.

Carl has now joined the Real Estate Banner of: Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty Brokerage.

Another idea in choosing a good Realtor is to ask for the names of previous clients that would be willing to speak to you about their experience with Carl as their Agent.

Last but not least, you may want to inquire about the current status and or previous status of any Realtor that you are considering to help you through the process of buying or selling your home.

Contact Carl today at: 519-817-8891




Are you looking for a good real estate sales representative?

Here are some tips….

  • Experience
  • Credentials
  • Current listings
  • Knowledge of area and expertise
  • Talk to past clients
  • Has there been any disciplinary issues

Sales Representative, Carl Idzinski has been a Realtor for over 30 years. His has experience is in Rural, Residential and Commercial Real Estate. Carl Idzinski works along side with his partner Tom Goebel  giving access to the United States Market in addition to the Windsor area market including: LaSalle, Tecumseh and Essex County. With Windsor’s location so close to the United States , this is a bonus that most other Realtors cannot offer. Together, Carl and Tom have over 70 years of expertise and knowledge of the residential, commercial and farming properties offering you the best of their abilities bare none to sell your home. The Windsor Real Estate Market is scorching hot right now so finding the right agent to market your property is essential.

Have a look at the Carl Idzinski and Tom Goebel our talented Sales Agents, from Real Choice Realty Inc. Brokerage by viewing their portfolios online at:  ;; ; www.carlidzinski/

Does  Carl have what it takes individually to list your property or do you require them to work as a team to sell your home to the cross the border market. Do these websites appeal to you? Do you want your home displayed on the websites in addition to which is updated daily along with the Windsor location.

Another idea in choosing a good Realtor is to ask for the name of previous clients that would be willing to speak to you about their business experience with the Realtor of your choice. Carl Idzinski has been a leading community member his entire life. He has been a board member of the Knights of Columbus, he is a retired Fire Chief and supports many charities in the area. Living on the family farm gives Carl extra knowledge of the buying and selling of rural properties.

Last but not least, you may want to enquire the current status and/or previous status of any Realtor that you are considering to hire to help you through the process of selling your home..

Set up a meeting with Carl Idzinski, Sales Representative at Real Choice Realty and feel free to ask him any question and concerns you may have in regards to hiring him to sell your home.

Contact Carl Idzinski by email at

Call or text at 519-817-8891

America's largest home mortgage lender is coming to Canada

by Steve Randall16 Oct 2018

Quicken Loans, the largest home mortgage lender in the US, is to open a new office in Canada.

The firm including its ‘Family of Companies’ is leasing more than 9,000 square feet of office space in the Old Fish Market Building in Windsor, ON, and intends to employ around 100.

While it does not currently offer mortgages in Canada, it has stated previously that it wants to understand more about the Canadian mortgage market.

A firm owned by Quicken’s parent firm Rock Holdings Inc., Rocket Homes, entered the Canadian real estate market in 2016 when it acquired Toronto property tech firm OpenHouse Realty.

"We learned a lot more about Ontario's deep technology talent pool over the past couple of years as we explored pitching the international border of Windsor/Detroit to various companies," said Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans. "As Quicken Loans continues to grow and set the standard for innovation, we remain focused on recruiting additional technology talent to our brainforce. With our headquarters located in downtown Detroit, we have a tremendous opportunity to tap into the rich technology pipeline both stateside and in Canada."

Welcomed by the Mayor
The company closed more than $400 billion of mortgage volume across all 50 states from 2013 through 2017 and has been top 30 in Fortune Magazine’s top companies to work for over the past 15 years.

Windsor Mayor, Drew Dilkens, has welcomed Quicken’s decision to open an office in the city.

"The relationship we developed recently with them as we jointly pursued various technology companies to our international border cities helped us share the strong value proposition of Windsor," he said . "Quicken Loans is an amazing company with a great work culture. We look forward to working closely with them in the months and years ahead as they grow their presence in our city."

Private mortgage investments earning up to 10% annual return

by Ameera Ameerullah08 Oct 2018

CEO, Ameera Ameerullah of Canada Mortgage & Financial Group (CMFG), said investing in private mortgages is a great alternative for investors to earn a greater return than what the bank offers on their capital.

Structuring mortgage investments can become messy if you are working with an inexperienced, non-compliant team. The team of CMFG is known for its diligence, efficiency and ethics which drives with Ameerullah's core values.

CMFG do not syndicate several investors’ capital into one transaction unless the relationship is of immediate family member (spouse, children, parents). Primarily each investment is a stand-alone transaction.

Why investors choose to invest in private mortgages with CMFG?
To date, CMFG has maintained a zero default mortgage portfolio which is a unique badge of honour for the company. Bank investments are typically unsecured where returns may fluctuate which could affect the investors return or principal investment amount. Private mortgage investments provide investors a stabilized annual rate of return while filling the gap for borrowers who do not meet the traditional banking guidelines. Investors have several option of capital redemption since the investment is secured on real estate whereas if there’s a decline in return from the banks, the investor have no alternative option but sustain a loss.

What is a private mortgage?
A private mortgage is a non-traditional loan offered to borrowers requiring emergency capital as a short term loan secured against real estate. It is typically interest only payments for the term.

Why borrowers seek private mortgages?
Clients typically don't want to break their first mortgage for a variety of reasons. This could include lower rates on the current first mortgage, high penalties for breaking the existing mortgage term prior to the date of maturity, or borrowers who do not meet the traditional banking guidelines.

Use of capital: typically for the purpose of renovation, consolidating existing high interest debts, payout higher interest mortgages, business capital injection, emergency life events, payout an existing partner, purchasing of a property or to cover unexpected shortfall of closing costs.

What type of funds can an investor use for mortgage investments?
Investors can utilize their registered funds such as RRSP, TFSA, RIF and LIRA accounts or non registered funds such as cash savings to invest in private mortgages.

"Every investment carry risks, but how you mitigate such risk and plan for exit is important to know prior to investing in mortgages"


To learn more about CMFG due diligence process, suitability requirement, investing and exit strategies, contact AMEERA@CMFG.CA or call 6474949885 ext 107.


Brokerage Lic# 12655 | Administrator Lic# 12874 |

CIBC: Expect two rate rises in the next 3 months

by Steve Randall05 Oct 2018

Homeowners could be facing two interest rate rises in the coming months according to an updated forecast.

CIBC Capital Markets said Thursday that it was already expecting a rate rise in October due to anticipation that a NAFTA deal would happen. The agreement of the next-gen trade deal USMCA supports the earlier forecast.

However, economists are now calling for a further rate rise in January 2019, slightly earlier than it had been forecasting. That’s due to recent positive data points.

The good news for homeowners with mortgages is that, following those two rate rises within three months, CIBC Capital Markets believes there will need to be a “prolonged pause” by the BoC due to the “elevated sensitivity of households” to the interest rate hikes.

The outlook also forecasts that the Canadian dollar will strengthen over the next six months or so before easing back to the low 1.30s against the greenback by mid-2019.

Challenges ahead for the economy
CIBC economists Andrew Grantham and Royce Mendes have posted their economic outlook for the coming years and highlighted some challenges.

These include rising mortgage rates, attracting and retaining talent, and a US slowdown by 2020.

Provincially, Alberta is expected to see stronger growth in 2018 than previously predicted due to a resurgence of oil production.

BC is set for weaker growth than expected due to the slowdown in the housing market, which is a key driver of growth in the province. The economists note that there has been a more pronounced slowdown in the BC housing market activity than in Ontario and not much of a rebound so far.

The outlook also suggests a slowdown in consumer spending in BC and Ontario as the provinces see the biggest impact from rising interest rates.

The report highlights that 5-year mortgages will be renewed at higher rates for the first time in a generation.

Interest rate rises will start to affect cooler markets says BMO

by Steve Randall23 Mar 2018

Affordability in Canada’s housing markets is generally very good but interest rate increases could start to change that.

BMO’s Spring Housing Affordability Report also reveals the influence that Millennials have on the markets in Toronto and Vancouver, but also in those outside these hot markets as they seek more affordable options.

However, this influence is set to decline in the next decade, the report says, as the baby boomer homebuying era did in the late 90s.

"Millennial buyers and international migrants are cushioning the decline in detached home prices in the hottest markets," said Sal Guatieri, Senior Economist, BMO Capital Markets. "We expect millennials to also bolster other markets like Montreal and Ottawa, as those looking for better affordability consider options beyond Toronto and Vancouver."

He added that interest rates are likely to rise 50 points in this calendar year, with the additional costs eroding affordability in those markets that have not been affected by the tighter mortgage regulations and other cooling measures.

GTA sees lowest single-family sales this century

REP Real Estate Professional Newsletter

HomeMarket Update
by Steve Randall23 Feb 2018

Most Read

Economist slams BC first-timers loan

The announcement from the BC government that it will help first-time buyers with a new tax-free loan program has been welcomed by many but not everyone agrees that it is the right move

1 million Canadians would struggle with interest rate rise

Up to a million Canadians would struggle to cope with a 1 per cent rise in interest rates with 700,000 at risk from even a 0.25 per cent rise

You would have to go back to before 2000 for a January where single-family newly-built home sales in the GTA were lower than last month.

A report from the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) shows that there were just 365 single-family units sold in January out of total sales of 1,251 (Altus Group data). Condos accounted for 70.8% of sales (886 units).

“The January data continue a trend we have seen in the GTA,” said David Wilkes, BILD President and CEO. “Our industry wants to meet consumer demand in terms of the mix and type of homes available, but we are constrained by government policy. Affordability and the lack of supply of single-family housing remain a challenge.”

The benchmark price for available new single-family homes was $1,229,454, up 19.6% year-over-year while the benchmark for condominium apartments surged 40.8% to $714,430.

Supply increased by around 400 units but remained well-below normal levels with just 11,750 available newly-built homes. BILD says a healthy level of inventory is 9-12 months’ worth; the current level is 3-4 months.

“The GTA is expected to grow to 9.7 million people by 2041,” Wilkes said. “How are we going to house them? All levels of government and the building industry have a role to play in increasing housing supply and we need to work together to simplify approval processes, update zoning by-laws and service develop-able land so we can bring more homes to market.”